What is dip.scan.swim.?

dip.scan.swim is a digital service that simplifies pool maintenance. With it you can test and treat your pool water, troubleshoot water problems, and even set up reminders for any maintenance task. When used with the Aqua Chem® Smart Strips Scanner Kit, dip.scan.swim turns your smartphone into a test strip scanner! Simply dip a supported Aqua Chem Smart Strips test strip into your pool water, take a picture of it using the dip.scan.swim. app, and get personalized treatment recommendations right at your fingertips.

With the purchase of this Smart Strips Scanner Kit, you have the “keys” to your smartphone strip scanner. Included are the following items:

  • 25 count bottle of Aqua Chem Smart Strips test strips, specially formulated for use with the dip.scan.swim application
  • Aqua Chem Smart Strip Card
  • Account Activation PIN


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